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Family War: Mokland Hotels Owner, Mathew Koleoso’s Home Front On Fire!

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The home front of frontline hotelier and chairman of Mokland Hotels, Chief Mathew Olukunle Koleoso is on fire as you are reading this.

According to information available to, the crux of the matter is that the hotelier is facing financial crisis which is having its toll on his hotel business and his home front . Mokland Group Hotels has branches in Ikeja (Lagos), Abeokuta and Sango Ota (Ogun State).

We learnt that Mokland Hotels problem started after it got patronage from the Amnesty Program of former president Goodluck Jonathan.

“When the amnesty program began and the Niger Delta Millitants laid down their weapons, some of them were brought to Lagos where they stayed in hotel for rehabilitation and training. Mokland Hotel lobbied for its facilities to be used which it won. But unfortunately, the hotel’s regular customers began to boycott the place as they were continually harassed by the militants, and security personnel attached to them”, the source revealed.

We learnt after ex President Jonathan lost elections last year, all the amnesty program began to wind up and most of the militants were withdrawn from various hotels they were being kept. Mokland hotel, located at Olu Koleoso Street, off Simbiat Abiola Way, Ikeja we gathered was seriously affected as most of its facilities were vandalized by the militants, its erstwhile customers refused to go back. The financial crisis was inevitable and a solution had to be sought.

Sources disclosed that the septuagenarian owner of Mokland, Chief Mathew Koleosho had to hand over the hotel to a facility manager to bring it back to life. The facility manager, we gathered has already pumped close to 20 million naira to revive the hotel.

But a problem has ensued, and we learnt it is because of one of Chief Koleosho’s children, Sola Koleosho lives permanently in the hotel and the facility manager asked her to vacate the place which she has refused.
“Sola is Chief Koleosho’s daughter from his first wife, Bolanle. The chief has sent the woman packing years back, but Sola has been living in Mokland hotel since she came back from London some times ago”. The source offered

The source added that based on the request of the facility manager, Chief Mathew Koleosho told his daughter to move out of the hotel, but the lady reportedly told the father that she won’t go anywhere.

“Sola’s point is that she prefers to live in the hotel and that nobody, even her father can evict her from the place because the hotel was built from both the sweatt of her mother and father together. And I know the mother is giving her all necessary supports”. Our dependable source informed

A family source added that the fire of the family feud is still raging and there seems to be no solution in sight while Mokland hotel continues to battle dwindling fortunes as the facility managers insist Sola must be removed from there or they quit while the money invested so far is returned

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