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Ex-Gov. Peter Obi In Bitter Divorce Mess In UK As Wife Says, “I Can’t Continue With A Man Who Has Penchant For Married Women”

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The truth behind the separation and subsequent partying of ways between ex-governor Peter Obi of Anambra State and his age-long wife, Margaret is finally out exclusively to First Weekly Magazine’s sources in the United Kingdom.
Various sources confirmed to us that before Margaret, nee Branson Usen, decided to say bye bye to her marriage, the Peter Obis home had become a battle ground on the grounds of several allegations of adultery, not only with single girls, but married women.
“The estranged wife discovered to her dismay that Peter had slept with almost all the married women that worked closely with him during his years as the governor of Anambra State. Her lawyer is now waiting for the final instruction from her to proceed with the divorce case in the U.K.
“Every necessary document that would justify each of her claims are now in the hands of the attorney even pictures to boot,” said a source.
Margaret, we learnt, decided to take this decision because of the supposed threat of one of the mistresses of her husband who told her pointedly to her face that “if I want to, I will marry your husband and you can do nothing about it.”
It was after this encounter that she reportedly decided that she had had enough of this serial embarrassment.
Another source corroborated this and went further to recount the number of times she had to run away from the Government House, Awka, when her husband was still in government.
Her initial position was not to bring further shame to the family by making this public, but now that they are out of office, she is ready to leave Peter to live his life as he pleases.
On the most recent alleged romance between her husband and Uche Ukwenife, who just lost her senatorial seat, our source revealed that Margaret seems to have given up on that.
“Peter once told her that he hated Uche Ekwunife with a passion only to turn around and start dinning with her, Margaret said that she found out new things about the man she married everyday and she cries every night, the children are not finding the whole mess funny either.
“Margaret has vowed to enclose the list of the alleged concubines in the suit, especially those whose photographs of their escapades are in her possession.
“She said that she has also contacted the hotels in South Africa, Dubai, USA etc and gotten their front desk and halfway video that showed each time they checked in and out of the hotels,” said a source.
She was also allegedly able to track those that checked in few days prior to his arrival and those that checked out few days after him.
We gathered that this is something her private investigators did for almost three years and the volume of information they came up with was overwhelming and as a result of this pictorial evidences, it would be easier for her to go for a divorce in the United Kingdom.

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