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Ex-Banker Condemns NSIA Insurance Over Delay In Payment Of Entitlements

First Bank Nigeria
A former senior staff of the First Bank Plc, Mr. TaiwoShojobi, has condemned the management of NSIA Insurance Limited (formerly ADIC Insurance) for delaying the payment of his entitlements inspite of his petitions to the company and the National Insurance Commission (NAICOM), stressing that he might be forced to take his case to the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC).
Shojobi described NSIA’s delay in attending to his entreaties in the petition inspite of NAICOM’s efforts at resolving the issue as a deliberate attempt to either delay or deny him justice.
He noted that the series of attempts by the Insurance firm to put up flimsy excuses without attending to issues raised in his petitions were ploy for him to lose interest or get tired of his determination to ensure the payment of all his entitlements, adding that all this were to cover up their act of negligence to him as one of their clients.
It will be recalled that Mr. Shojobi had petitioned NSIA Insurance and NAICOM over NSIA’s negligence of reneging on the agreement he had with the company in an insurance policy, which the insurance firm ended abruptly by not following up the collection of subsequent premium from him since 2008 to date.
The ex-banker strongly condemned the insurance firm’s only argument that their agent, who was dealing with him on their behalf, informed them that he (Shojobi) refused to continue with the premium payment, adding that their ulterior motive to defraud him made the company not to consider confirming the genuiness or otherwise of the statement made by their agent from him by either writing or calling him on phone.
He stressed that his appeals to the insurance firm to get all the premium he had paid with the interest, profit and reversionary bonuses paid to him were rebuffed by the company, while all efforts to resolve the issue by NAICOM were being thwarted by NSIA Insurance with their delay tactics.
Shojobi expressed his confidence in the efforts of the Commissioner for Insurance and the National Insurance Commission (NAICOM) to get him justice from the management of NSIA Insurance Limited, stating that if the insurance firm, however, continued with their delay tactics, he would be forced to involve the EFCC.

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