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Enugu Deputy Governor Slumps Before Impeachment Panel

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ENGThere was commotion in Enugu on Wednesday, as deputy governor of the state, Mr. Sunday Onyebuchi,  slumped while testifying at the panel probing the allegations of misconduct filed against him by the state house of assembly.

At an earlier appearance, Onyebuchi had described the attempt to oust him as political, saying he was innocent. “It is true that I am the one standing trial but I want to say also that our democracy is also standing trial. I want to say also that justice is on trial; I want to say also that the integrity of all those involved, including that of the panel members, is on trial,” he had said.

“I believe that no matter how we want to manipulate truth and try to embellish it, eventually, if not now, the truth will triumph over falsehood. “I believe that I have not committed any crime; I am here because I believe that it is better to defend myself and protect my hard earned reputation; it is more important to me than even the office of the deputy governor. I do not mind leaving the office but the public must know that I did not commit any offence.”

When he slumped, Onyebuchi, who had his wife and children present at the panel like at other appearances, was rushed to the hospital by his aides and family members.

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