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“Don’t Deceive Civil Servants With Loans”
Ogun LP tells Gov. Amosun

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gov-ibikunle-amosun-of-ogun-state-110The Ogun State Labour Party has described the hurriedly convened meeting by the Governor of Ogun State, Senator Ibikunle Amosun, with the Public servants as a sham and a very desperate attempt to further sell lies and deceits, which have become second nature to the governor since he assumed office three years ago.

The party found it laughable and inconsistent that the loss of election in Ekiti State by the All Progressive Congress has driven the governor to such desperate concessions, which he is not in any way ready to redeem, just as in many other failed election promises since he assumed office.

The labour Party is worried because Governor Amosun has demontrated lack of capacity for competence and to be honourable in circumstances bordering of fulfilling promises and redeeming pledges. The latest promises which he made to the public servants in Ogun State to wit: Housing Loans, Car Loans, Employment of children of civil servants and payment of 13th month salary etc, we consider another attempt to hoodwink the respected workforce in Ogun State only to secure their votes in 2015.
Such promises made under pressure are bound to be jettisoned when the heat is over. So, they couldn’t have been due to any sincere altruistic motive, rather a tension-induced concession for personal political interest of a fast dwindling poltical fortune.

Experienced political administrators would want to ask, how does Governor Amosun intend to fund the Housing Loan promised the Public servants? At what rate of interests? How and from which Budget is he planning to draw the fund to finance the car loans? At what rate of interest? Were all these captured in the 2014 budget? Especially, because it was clear the people of Ogun State have taken a resolve and determined to vote out Senator Amosun in 2015. Could this promises not amount to just merely trying to buy more time or extending the lifeline of a poorly run political and economic regime?
In case Governor Amosun does not know these few basic and fundamental workings of government, State governments often times work with Federal Government Mortgage institutions to access Housing Loans, and the modalities for these are usually worked out spanning across months and years. Could there be some monies of the public servants in this respect which Senator Amosun has been sitting on ever since, and now see the need to release to the original owners in order to pacify them for elections?

While urging our people in Ogun State, and especially our reverred public servants, not to fall this deceit of a governor who has demonstrated his capacity as a pathological liar over the years, we of the Labour Party promised a more Worker-Friendly administration which we would jointly own in common patrimony when elected into office in 2015.
Experience all over the world show that the welfare of the people, and workers are more positively attended to under a government run by the Labour Party.

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