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Diamond Bank Calls For Enhanced Quality Healthcare For Nigerian Women

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Diamond Bank has brought to the fore the importance of improved and enhanced quality healthcare for women, drumming the urgent need for increased support and awareness of the ravaging effect of Endometriosis, a silent but growing health condition that exposés women to cancer, infertility and severe periodic pains.

Highlighting the significant role that good healthcare plays in stimulating the economic contribution of women to the gross domestic product, GDP, Diamond Woman, a female-friendly initiative of the Bank, stated that there is an urgent need for a collective strategic refocus and concerted action against the disease through increased awareness.

In a five kilometer trek with Endometriosis Support Group of Nigeria (ESGN), the Bank, the major sponsor of the event, restated its commitment to the total wellbeing of women, noting that their importance in the business place and society generally, cannot be downplayed by ignoring the pains and challenges that confront them in their collective and individual pursuits to contribute to the growth of the economy.

The Bank’s chief spokesperson, Ayona Trimnell, stated that Diamond Bank is very passionate about the health and economic wellbeing of women, pointing that as an invaluable force in the production circle of the society women deserve unhindered access to affordable and good healthcare. According to her, an enhanced and good quality healthcare for the women will translate to total wellbeing of the family.

“At Diamond Bank, we view the life of the woman as a total package that encompasses her economic, health and social wellbeing. Diamond Woman, as an initiative that caters for the complete woman, is very passionate about the education and awareness level of the woman especially in dealing with health conditions like Endometriosis. This march is to raise awareness of the disease and keep women on the alert.”

Reiterating Ayona, Aishah Ahmad, Head, Consumer Banking, stated that only a healthy woman could succeed in her career and family, adding that Diamond Woman, is not just a platform for enhanced financial lifestyle and healthcare but also, a networking platform meant to improve the welfare of women.

“For a woman to succeed in her business or family she needs to be healthy, so drawing her attention to endometriosis also impacts on her from the financial perspective.”

According to Dr. Abayomi Ajayi of Endometriosis Support Group, endometriosis is a condition in which tissue which normally grows inside the uterus grows outside, pointing that most women are not aware of the condition until it is diagnosed at the advanced stage.

Tramadol at is a very strong arctic analgesic. Indeed, it is very effective and for a long time removes the strongest pain.

“It involves our women and it is a lifelong condition women need to know how to manage it so that they can have quality life and enjoy their marriages. It is a chronic disease where tissues that are normally found lining the womb (uterus) are found elsewhere in the body forming lesions. During menstrual flow, these lesions bleed in their locations leading to pain. The most common symptoms include chronic pelvic pain, painful bowel movement, menstrual pain and sometimes some degree of infertility.” Research shows that the condition affects about 176 million women worldwide.


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