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Corruption: Buhari Promises To Prosecute APC Members

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President Muhammadu Buhari has promised to crack down on anyone including members of the ruling All progressive Congress, APC, found to be corrupt.

Answering questions in an interview with Christine Amanpour of CNN, President Buhari vowed that no one will escape justice as far as punishing those who are found corrupt is concerned.

“I just have to. There is not going to be any party member or personality that will escape justice,” President Buhari said while answering question on whether the crack down on corruption include APC members.

On the specific request from the U.S to fight Boko Haram, President Buhari said he had relied on the promise from the G7 and had requested for help in Training, equipping the Army and intelligence gathering.

He said Nigerians are more concerned about security so they can go back to normal live. He said nothing will work until the security is guaranteed and that is what his Government is working towards.

President Buhari assured that the issue of human rights abuse by the military would be looked into.

On the Boko Haram abduction of the chibok girls, President Buhari said his government is being careful about the credibility of those claiming to be leaders of Boko Haram so as not to be negotiating with the wrong people.

He assured that his government takes the safe return of the Chibok girls in high priority.

He said it is too early for anyone to pass judgement on his government two months after it came into power.

President Buhari said he is going to send a formal invitation to president Barack Obama to visit Nigeria.

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