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Bruce Jenner Makes Public Debut as Caitlyn Jenner on the Cover of Vanity Fair

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Meet Caitlyn Jenner.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, who first confirmed just last month that she is transitioning into a woman, has landed a cover of Vanity Fair, which Annie Leibovitz shot.

Jenner is also profiled in the magazine, her first print interview and photo shoot since going public.

When talking back in January to daughters Kendall and Kylie Jenner, as well as to stepdaughters Kourtney, Kim and Khloé Kardashian, about the changes she had already made and was still planning on making, Caitlyn said at the time that she didn’t have any date scheduled to undergo gender-reassignment surgery.

But when Kourtney asked if he would just have to “pick a day” to start living the rest of his life as the woman he’s always felt himself to be, Caitlyn replied, “I think that [living as a man] would be hard after you do enough stuff, it gets harder and harder to play the other side.”

Kim Kardashian revealed to Access Hollywood earlier this month that she had “just recently met her” and that it was an “amazing” experience. “She looked beautiful.”

“She was dressed up: beautiful makeup, beautiful hair,” Kim said, calling Caitlyn “very, very beautiful.” Seeing Caitlyn as a woman “felt really natural,” she added.

Viewers witnessed Caitlyn breaking the news to each of her children individually on a two-part Keeping Up With the Kardashians special that aired in May.

“Everyone in the family has such a different emotion,” said Kim. “We all get back to acceptance and everyone supports him, but it’s OK to have every emotion. There is this sense of death that people around feel, and he understands that, but he’s not going anywhere. Sometimes [Kendall] and [Kylie] get emotional over that and feel like their dad’s gone, but they understand that they’ve gained someone else that is the same person, although a little bit different.”

According to Kim, “It’s just a new chapter.”

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