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Be Agents Of Positive Change, Lagos Speaker Urges Nigerians

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The Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Obasa has appealed to Nigerians in general, and Muslims in particular to be agents of real positive change in the country.
Obasa, who stated this at a Ramadan Lecture organized by Citinet in Ikeja, where he delivered a keynote address, also called on Nigerian leaders to hasten the process of revamping the socio-economic structure of the nation in order to effect real change in the life of Nigerians.
He disclosed that the country needed to do away with regime of impunity.
For real change to occur in governance in Nigeria, the Speaker emphasized that ”our leaders, in their respective positions, must love Allah, obey His will, shun corruption, entrench respected institution of shura, allow rule of law, justice, and equity, transparency in governance, accountability and selfless service to govern their conducts in office.”
The clamour for change in the running of the affairs of our nation, he pointed out, became necessary ”when poverty and injustice in the land had become the order of the day; oppression of the masses by the government through various methods pervaded the whole federation.”
He further said Islamic concept of change in governance presupposes the establishment of Rule of Law, khilafah (succession of God-fearing leaders) accountability, transparency, justice, equity and doing good and running away from all evils that can truncate dividends of democracy for our people.
He also admonished Muslims, calling them to rise up to their responsibility by praying as well.
”The essence of being Muslims or Islamic organizations stems from the responsibility to be capable of effecting change in the affairs of men and the society. The change, being canvassed here, is of positive dimension, a breakaway from the era of impunity to godliness, from the regime of dictatorship to the institution of Shura (committee of government officials) whose conduct will be guided by the rule of law and fear of God,” he counselled.
He argued that the reason for which God has created human beings is to worship Him, adding that ”worshiping Allah, in this respect, does not only mean prostrating to Him in the mosque in prayers but it embraces those actions and virtues that can actualize the betterment of human race,” According to him,  Islam and the society can only achieve peace only when the people therein fully surrender to almighty Allah.
Explaining further, the Speaker said the Holy Quran described good governance as the law of justice, principled order and institutionalization of rights and responsibilities in a society. This is set forth, according to him, in Quran-Suratul Hajj (Quran 22: verse 41 that “those when given authority in law, establish (system of) Salat, give zakat and enjoin what is good and forbid what is wrong.
Stressing further, the Speaker said that ”People in government must not be corrupt, they must have proven worthy character and people whose integrity cannot be questioned ought to be elected or appointed into positions of authority. They must be custodians of justice and must be ready to be Allah’s witness even against themselves or their parents or relations.  Our Leaders’ commitment to the task of building the society, catering for the needs of the people and demonstrating equity, honesty firmness in governance must be second to none.”

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