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As wife, Sammie Battles Cancer, Shina Peters Takes New Wife, Olajumoke

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As you read, Sir Shina Peters, the Afrojuju maestro who dazzled Sammie, a friend and benefactor so much so that she became his wife, has done something many had thought could never happen.

The wife of popular Afrojuju music star, is currently crying foul as her husband of so many years has finally dumped her for a new bride called Olajumoke Olayinka Peters.

Sammie is particularly heartbroken that Shina would desert her just when she started recuperating from a devastating bout of terminal cancer. When Sammie was diagnosed with the life-threatening disease, not a few people thought Shina’s world would crumble and crash upon him. This is because his pain and fear was visible for all to see.

Shina made it seem like his life would be over if he lost his wife to cancer. Although the disease almost claimed Sammie’s life last year, Shina stood by her, professing his undying love for her while assuring her that she would survive. He even dedicated a song to her during the 70th birthday celebration of his colleague, Emperor Wale Olateju, where he sang “Sammy ko ni ku o’ which means, ‘Sammy will not die.’

Eventually, Sammie beat the disease but soon after she returned to Nigeria following her successful treatment of the disease abroad. The Afrojuju maestro has abandoned the woman to whom he professed undying love for his new heartthrob, Olajumoke, who he attends social functions with. We saw them at Demola Oniru’s birthday some days ago.

Sources say Sammie is not happy about her husband taking a new wife but has however, accepted her fate.

Predictably, friends and family of the couple are unhappy with Shina. Some of them are of the opinion that Shina has proven himself to be a man without conscience. According to them, his action bespeaks ingratitude to a woman who invested in his dreams of greatness. Sammie was allegedly captivated by Shina’s lyricism and vocal dexterity thus she bankrolled his music career just when he floundered about in his youth in search of relevance and a deep pocket producer cum benefactor.

However, a very close source to Shina argued that the musician couldn’t have publicised his affair with his new bride, without the approval of Sammie, his first wife. According to the source, cancer treatment takes a great toll on victims of the disease; sometimes, this makes it impossible for the sufferers to engage in normal human activities, sex inclusive. This perhaps necessitated a gentlemen’s agreement between Shina and Sammie concerning the musician’s need to satisfy his sexual needs outside their marriage. Whatever the truth is, it is an open secret that Sammie Peters is unhappy with her husband’s brazen frolicking with his new sweetheart.

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Sammie, a cool, humble and amiable woman got married to Shina Peters in the bloom of his career. She first came into general consciousness after her husband dedicated a track to her in his 1990 hit album ACE. Shina praised her for her fidelity to him in good and bad times. Until recently, the couple seemed to share an unbreakable bond.

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