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Arewa Releases New Single

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The new pop diva otherwise known as Arewa has released her second single within a month. Arewa, whose real name is Sola Odekunle, is out with Something To You, a feel-good, laid-back song about a love gone sour. This new single is coming on the heels of her debut, Baba Omo, an educative song on the roles of parents in the life of a child.

The banker cum singer says, “Baba Omo is a song that basically talks about irresponsible parents. To simplify it, it’s saying that parents should be there to watch their kids grow, no matter the situation and no matter the relationship with the other parent. I wouldn’t call it an abstract song because the meaning is clear but it’s not limited to the ‘Baba’, it could be the ‘Mama’ as well.”

A University of Ilorin trained lawyer, Arewa says unlike the music that pervades the airwaves today, some of which are admittedly noise, bar substance or message, her music can be likened to an abstract art, which is borne out of the experiences of people around her. Speaking on the genesis of her stage name, Arewa, the svelte beauty says Arewa, which means the beautiful one, “Is not only my name as an artist, it means my style of music. Arewa music is about message songs. They are inspirational songs about serious topics which are however presented in a light and usually funny way.” Thus, when her debut album is released, it would be titled ‘Simply Arewa’.

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