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After 10 years of marriage, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner head for a £95 million divorce

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It’s a sad day for the world of showbiz and love. Hollywood’s most adorable couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner – more lovingly known as Bennifer – have decided to call it a day. DOES REAL LOVE EVEN EXIST ANYMORE?!

A day after their 10th wedding anniversary – it hurts to even say that –  and three children together, the couple released a joint statement confirming their much speculated separation.

‘After much thought and careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to divorce.’

No, what? These aren’t tears. There’s just something in our eyes…

afleck familyAlthough the couple’s split seems amicable and there’s no bad blood between them, with both Jennifer, 43, and Ben, 42, having successful career over the years, they are now reputedly worth a whooping £95 million. And with no pre-nup ever signed, they’ll have to split their assets, which includes the pair’s LA ranch and apartment in Manhattan, as well as a ski chalet in Montana and an 83-acre estate on Hampton Island. We’ll happily house-sit one of them until you decide what happens to it…

One thing that they both agree on though is the co-parenting of their children, nine-year-old Violet, six-year-old Seraphina, and three-year-old Samuel.

‘We go forward with love and friendship for one another and a commitment to co-parenting our children whose privacy we ask to be respected during this difficult time.

Bennifer’s split (Nope, can’t call them that. The wound is still too raw) has been speculated for months, from Ben seen without his wedding ring on Jennifer’s birthday, and the couple going to therapy. But all seemed well in the world of Jen and Ben when they were seen on a family trip with their kids at a farmer’s market earlier in June. It was picture perfect.

But Ben has admitted to being a work-a-holic before in the past, and thanked his wife for her patience back in 2012 as he confessed that he wasn’t very present in the rest of his life and that ‘she does everything.’

Even when he accepted his Oscar for the Best Picture for Argo in 2013, he got all chocked up when making his speech and talked about his marriage.

‘It is work but it’s the best kind of work and there is nobody else I would rather do that kind of work with.’

The couple initially met in 2001 when filming Pearl Harbour together, but it wasn’t until they were reunited on the set of Daredevil in 2002 that they hit things off, and before you know it, they were dating by late 2004 before getting married the next year.

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