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30,000 Marriages Break-Up In Badagry Within Nine Months

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More than 30,000 failed marriages were recorded in Badagry area of Lagos State between January and September 2016, a non-governmental organisation, Family Reloaded Organisation, said on Wednesday.

The organisation’s Coordinator, Mrs. Sesi Sebinun, told the News Agency of Nigeria in Badagry that the major cause of broken homes in the area was negligence of duties from both parties.

She said, “There are so many broken homes in Badagry and the number is going to increase if urgent steps are not taken to address the situation.

“The husband fails to see that he is the man of the house while the wife isn’t submissive and these cause friction in the house.

“The children suffer this because of the psychological effect on them, so, both parties must learn that building a home takes team work by both parties.”

She noted that violence in marriages was due to impatience.

“Impatience and lack of understanding between both parties are the major causes of violence in marriages because they do not have the will to tolerate each other,” she said.

“We must learn each other’s flaws and tolerate them instead of getting angry at little things.’’

She advised people to make use of social welfare services to address issues in their marriages.

She said, “Many people are not aware that there are organisations that provide services to people whose marriages are in trouble.

“You don’t have to wait till when things are damaged beyond repair before seeking help from social welfare service and customary courts to rectify things.’’

She advised couples to pray regularly for their marriages.


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