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10-Year-old Emmanuella Wins One Million Naira For Mum In Peak ‘Reach for Millions’ Promo

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Somewhere in Jos, North Central part of Nigeria, a ten-year-old girl is said to have changed the fortune of the family through peak ‘Reach for Millions’ promo.

To 10-year-old Emmanuella, it was like a normal game, but with hope of getting something out of it. Not really for herself, but her dear mother.

When she saw the advert of the 60th anniversary Peak ‘Reach for Millions’ promo on television, her attention was focused on every tin of peak milk purchased by her mum.

Like an addicted habit, she kept sending codes on the tins as directed in the advert. She went ahead to inform her mother who is an immigration officer about the promo, but the mum never took her serious because she does not believe in promos.

Emmanuella’s mother, Mrs. Franca Chire told reporters at the prize presentation ceremony that she never believed in promos hinging her reasons on lack of trust on past promos she has come across.

“Actually, I never believed in promos, when my daughter told me about Peak ‘reach for millions promo, I thought it was one of those fake promos where only families of organizers are always the winners.

“So, when my ten-year-old daughter, Emmanuella Chire told me that there is a promo concerning peak milk going on, I waved it aside.”  Mrs. Chire stated.

In defiance to her mother’s stance on promos, little Emmanuella who is a JSS 1 student would not relent; she kept sending codes until she got a response. A response that is about to bring fortunes to the family, she was informed through a text message that she has just won a million naira in the Peak ‘Reach for Million’ promo!

As expected of a little girl, she ran to her mother to show her what she’s got on her phone. Mrs. Chire claimed she did not believe what she saw, and had to read and read again.

“So, when I collected the phone from her and read the message, I read it again and again and still couldn’t figure what’s in the content. I gave the phone back to her and asked her to go and wait for me till I finish what I was doing.

” So, when I finished what I was I doing, I read the message again and it was clearer when I started seeing ‘you have just won 1 million naira in the peak 60th anniversary ‘Reach for Millions’ promo. Keep your pack to claim your prize…’ and so on.  I started thinking how do I tell my girl this thing is real in spite of my discouragement and all that. So my daughter was right all the while, peak milk promo is real, my daughter has won 1 million naira in the peak promo, one amazing million naira!”  She narrated joyfully.

Doubting Mrs. Chire and her ‘golden’ daughter, Emmanuella were full of Joy at the cheque presentation
ceremony. She narrated how she discouraged little Emmanuella and even told her ‘’she was wasting her time and credits.’’

“When my ten-year-old daughter told me that there is a promo concerning peak milk going on, I waved it aside.

“But she would not let me rest; she kept on sending codes on every tin of peak milk we bought.  In fact, I once told her she was wasting her time and credits but she would not listen.

“However, we decided to buy more peak milk, of course we’ve been taking peak milk for years even before she was born.  So, I was not buying the brand because of the promo, we bought it for usual consumption.”  Mrs. Chire narrated.

After the cheque presentation, the joyful immigration officer said “it was all like a dream, so my daughter is now a millionaire through peak amazing million-naira promo.

The Jos based immigration officer however disclosed how what she described as ‘a rare gift’ will be invested in her little girl’s future.

“Well the money will definitely have positive impact in our lives, there will be a huge relieve in the area of her education and other sundries.

“Of course our plans with the money are obvious as her education will definitely be on top of our priority and again we will get at least a plot of land and do some other little investments as well.” She explained.

Mrs. Chire however thanked FrieslandCampina WAMCO, makers of Peak for the laudable promo she claimed she never believed in.

In her words, “my 10-year-old daughter has won a million naira through Peak milk promo, we give glory to God for this marvelous gift from peak and of course we thank the entire peak family for this rare reward for patronage, it is good to be a consumer of peak milk, well done peak milk.” The Jos based immigration officer appreciated.

Peak ‘Reach for Millions’ promo is part of 60th anniversary celebration of the Peak brand in Nigeria. The
promo is targeted towards rewarding consumers for 60 years of loyalty and patronage and also to build brand love with consumers who have been consistently consuming and are willing to consume more of Peak.

The response and participation so far is indicative of the positive acceptance of the promo by consumers across the country and other consumers who are yet to partake are urged to take advantage of the promo which is most rewarding and gratifying.

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