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Rampaging militants under aegis of Niger Delta Avengers, NDA, on Thursday
released a damning verdict against the Nigerian Military over the alleged
involvement of military officers in oil theft, stating that there were
videos and pictures to back up the claims.

Besides, the militant group alleged that there was also clear evidence of
much the military personnel engaged in the illicit deals rake in per day. had exclusively disclosed the involvement of the
military in illegal bunkering, and how much they charge per cotonou boat
and vessel in the creeks.

NDA, however denied security reports on the killing of troops in Nembe,
Bayelsa State, saying that it was surprised at the desperation of the
military to always connect it to crimes in  Southern Nigeria.

Its spokesman, Mudoch Agbinibo said: “It is a shame that Operations Delta
Safe is still employing the old habit of deliberately dining and wining
with fake intelligence from political thugs, political paymasters and
enemies of the Niger Delta to perpetuate  their continuous funding and
relevance by leveraging on the hunger in the land.

“One question for the Commander of Operation Delta Safe, is, who are the
people perpetuating the ongoing illegal oil bunkering in the Niger Delta
at the moment? We have both video and still photographs of the serious
involvement of your troops in the pervasive crude oil thefts. We have
records of how much profit you collect and make per day from these
atrocities in the Niger Delta.

“To set the records straight, we cannot come after your dane guns and
ammunition. Since the start of  ‘Operation Red Economy,’ our forces have
not  fired one shot until we have achieved this great success of
crippling crude oil productions in the Niger Delta to about 800,000
barrels per day.

“Those gang members  paraded as killers of troops of  ODS are well known
followers of  Mr. Africa Ukparasai and Mr Timipre Silva, who were armed
by the All Progressives Congress, APC, during the governorship election
in Bayelsa State.

“If your forces and formations come under attack by notorious elements of
your own political collaborators and calculations, you should  accept it
as a friendly fire (from your own dubious creations getting loosed and
fighting back to protect their territories and bellies)  and enjoy it
while it last. Excuse the NDA from your “Pig and Mud squabbles.

“Yesterday was Arepo in Ogun  State, today is Nembe in Bayelsa State,
which is the next state you want to involve the NDA in this your bread
and butter security conspiracies and collaborations ?”

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