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Tsaboin Traffic Talk, the online service that gives heads up to Lagos road users about traffic situations around Lagos, so they can make smarter decisions about how to move around Lagos, has granted exclusive beta access of some of its Lagos traffic cameras to Tsaboin users and its newsletter subscribers.
Since its inception, this service has reached and helped a lot of people around Lagos. Information or traffic updates are crowd sourced in real-time from users on our platform who report the traffic situations they are experiencing or road conditions and also other traffic related issues like accidents, bad roads, danfo nuisance and so on.
Tsaboin Traffic Talk has taken traffic updates a step further by releasing live views of pictures and videos of traffic situations around Lagos. This service is called “Traffic Cams”. Now, users can now see live pictures and videos of traffic situations around Lagos especially bus stops, via cameras stationed around Lagos showing accurate traffic situations of several routes. This is powered by our synergy with U12Drive.

Presently, the Live Cam feature is up for about 5 routes, but we are growing the “Traffic Cams” service and we hope to add other routes and make it available to the general public very soon.

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