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Toni Payne Releases New Poem titled “Darkness Eludes Me”

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Toni Payne
Toni Payne
Multi-Functional Entertainment Diva, Toni Payne, who is currently in the US working on her Book of Audio Poetry has released a new poem titled “Darkness Eludes Me”
Darkness Eludes Me, is one of the poetry works that will be included in the audio book of poetry titled “I am OSHA”. It depicts the thoughts of the person whose will is strong and whose destiny could not be changed. This poem is one of many that will be released officially by the Entertainment Publicist and Poet. Toni Payne’s is yet to set a release date for her book of audio poetry “I am OSHA”, but according to her, it will be available sometime this year on iTunes, amazon and other online retailers. Certain favorite poems will also be available on the Ring Back Tunes/Caller Tunes platform via MTN, Airtel, Etisalat and other networks.
Below is the full text to “Darkness Eludes Me”
Darkness Eludes me, no one beneath me, beseech me that they believe in me. In you I find strength, in you my weakness lays abundantly flamboyant.Tears like a the wind beneath the ocean breeze, tar pits feel like a dream, while the clouds look so mean. Polar opposites of a dream. Not destined to be a… part of me.

Darkness eludes me, I stand mighty before it, fresh and blessed living without fear. I challenge its monstrosity, it challenges my audacity

You think you have guts, it says to me. I know I’m on top, I say to it, riding gallantly into history, those who despise me, who try to deprive me, right behind me, watching in awe, secretly they wish to applause, what destiny has caused, their words laced with envy, they wish they could remind me, of a past that is behind me.

Darkness Eludes me because I know my fears, stomped on my weakness, lifted my strength. Flaunted the good, made the bad a faded dream. My glory not to be demeaned.

If darkness thinks it has a place in my world, ill tell it that it was nothing but a wild dream. Misplaced in its mission, especially its vision, because I stand before it, as powerful as Aphrodite, riding gallantly into your History.


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