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‘Though He Killed My Father, I Will Embrace Danjuma Whenever We Meet’ – Fajuyi’s Son

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Eldest son of the first military governor of the former Western region, Lt. Col. Adekunle Fajuyi, Femi, said he had forgiven those who participated in the assassination of the father on July 29, 1966.

Fajuyi spoke at an event organised by the League of Veteran Journalists, Oyo State chapter, to mark the 50th anniversary of the assassination of his father in Ibadan, during a counter coup. He was killed alongside his visitor, General Agunyi Ironsi, who was the then military head of state.

Fajuyi said the golden anniversary of his father’s death had eased the pain and the memories of the loss, adding that the family had moved on and forgiven his father’s killers. He said he was still waiting for a forum where he would meet and embrace Gen. Theophilus Danjuma, whom he described as a major player in the coup.

“I am a Christian and I know that Gen. Danjuma is also a Christian. He is my brother in the Lord. Fifty years have eased the pain of the loss. Fifty years have erased the memories of the loss and I have forgiven all of them.

“I must acknowledge that as a young officer himself, he (Danjuma) must probably be acting on the orders of his superiors. In fact, I keep looking for an opportunity where we could meet face to face, and where he would hug me as a son. He apologised in one of his books where he said he regretted the death of Fajuyi who was not the primary target but ended up being a collateral damage. So, I have nothing in mind against him or anyone else.”

Fajuyi lamented the present position of the country, saying that his father would have loved a flourishing nation with limitless opportunities in all economic sectors.

He said, “My father would have loved to see a better Nigeria than it is today. Even as a young lad, growing up, going through the university, getting tutored, we all hoped for a better Nigeria.

“The problem is with politicians, lack of institutions and failure to strengthen existing ones. Nigeria should now be a great nation, but our leaders have failed us. That is why we must support the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari to succeed. I believe he is God-sent and as for all those trying to pull him down, we all know who they are. They are the ones ruining this country,” he noted.

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