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Police Recover £15m Cannabis From Mansion Near Buckingham Palace

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The nearness of the Buckingham Palace has not deterred dare-devil criminals from turning their squatters’ pad into drugs outlet.

The building used to belong to a famous British general and archaeologist, Lieutenant General Augustus Fox Pitt-Rivers, report say.

Police had seized about 30 bags of suspected drugs from the five-storey vacant property, which is very close to the residence of the British monarch, but which illegal squatters had turned into a den of criminals.

The Metropolitan Police discovered during a raid that the property was being used as drugs factory, and the operators grew an estimated £500,000 of weed inside the £15m house, Daily Mail reports.

A squatter allegedly tried to take a sackful of drugs during the raid, before officers gave a chase and he dropped the bag.

The policemen also seized some equipment the squatters were using to grow the cannabis.

Experts say the cannabis factory must have been running for several weeks at least to produce so many drugs.

Police have not confirmed if any arrests were made.

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