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Online Shopping War: Jumia Attacks Konga’s Website
Registers Look-Alike Web Address to Divert Customers

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Management of online shopping portal under Mr Sim Shagaya, just exposed an underhand plot against it’s businesses.

The initiator behind the move is revealed as Rocket Internet, parent company of competitor

And the scheme is simple…hijack all look alike name to and register it to divert traffic to

Sources disclosed the plot has already been perpetrated with the Rocket Internet’s purchase of online identities such as ‘a;,,,,,,,,,,’.

Insiders at claims this development affects it’s effectiveness in over eleven countries including Nigeria ‘ where it’s major customers are’.

Konga’s founder, Shagaya is said to have attributed the ‘attack’ to refusal to merge operations with Rocket Internet. He is said to be exploring means to seek legal redress against the development.

The lool alike were reportedly registered  in June 2012 by Arnt Jeschke on behalf of Rocket Internet GmbH in Dublin.

The move is now discovered a ‘serious business strike against the competitor that has now turned out a huge threat’.

But it is generally considered generating traffic from competitor’s look alike identity- after eliminating gains from usage- is ‘greatly operating below the line’.

According to a source ‘it smacks of acceptance of being the lesser operator….it means attempting to ride on better strength’. and are presently the biggest e-commerce plaftform in this part of the world.

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