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Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Awards 2014: Categories For Nomination

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The stage is set for this year’s Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Awards (NBMA) scheduled for Saturday October 25 2014.  Here are the competitive categories. You can now start nominating your favorite programmes, On-Air Personalities, Radio, TV stations among others.

TO NOMINATE: send names of programmes, presenters, On-Air Personalities, Radio and TV stations to 0806-212-6969 or our email addresses: or You finally got the power, so let’s start as nomination closes on Sunday August 10, 2014



1.   Newscaster of the Year (TV) (This is strictly for newscasters of TV stations which  transmit both on terrestrial and satellite/Digital channel) (Criteria: diction, poise and fashion sense)



2. Radio Newscasters of the Year (English); This category welcomes nominees from Radio Stations only, nominees must be on the station that has larger coverage with good diction, fluency amongst other criteria.

3.  Newscaster of the Year (Indigenous) (This category welcomes nominees from TV and Radio stations across South, West and North) (Criteria: fluency in choosing language i.e Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, Pidgin English..Etc, and sense of humour.

4. News Reporter of The Year (TV only) (Criteria: Consistency, investigative reporting…etc)



5. Outstanding Broadcaster of the year (This recognizes a broadcaster who, over at least 20 years, has shown superior skills in their chosen field)



5. Best coverage of news story (TV only)



6. TV Station of the Year (NATIONAL)   (Criteria: Must be transmitting both on terrestrial and satellite/ Digital Channel, production quality and content)

7. TV Station of the Year (Regional)

8- TV Channel Of The Year   (Criteria: 24-hour Channel on Pay Satellite/Digital TV, Large viewer-ship and Good content)


9. Radio Station of the Year (Criteria: Production quality, coverage, content and listenership)

i- Lagos

iii- North

iii- South-West



10. Best Indigenous Radio Station of the Year (Criteria: Listenership, coverage and existence of sister stations in other part of the federation)

11. Campus Radio Station of the Year

  1. Best Campus Radio Presenter

13. Best Online Radio Channel

14. Best Online TV Channel

15. Best Entertainment Channel (Nigeria/Africa) (Criteria): content, production quality and have to be syndicated at least on three TV stations or running pay Satellite/Digital Channel)


16. Best Entertainment Channel (International) (Criteria: 24 hours channel on pay Satellite/Digital TV, viewership and content)


17. Best Pay Digital TV channel provider (Criteria): Services and numbers of ‘quality’ channels)

18. Pay Digital TV channel provider with Best Technical Innovation (This category seeks to recognise break-through innovations which have directly enhanced the listener experience or significantly changed the business or distribution model to enable radio/TV services and their brands to better serve their audiences and/or find new audiences.)

19. Best Creative Innovation This category recognizes editorial innovation in online, mobile, social or other digital platforms and how that innovation adds to the experience of the listener. Innovative use of content generated through platforms such as social media, online, DTV or mobile has enhanced the on-air editorial of the programme or station that content is associated with, or brought new listening experiences to Nigerian consumers. This innovation may relate to a regular or one-off broadcast or on-going activity.

a- Pay Digital TV channel provider

b -TV

c -Radio


20.  TV program of the Year (Criteria: Must be Syndicated or run on satellite/Digital TV channel, good concept/content, consistency and large viewership)

A- Entertainment:

B- Sports

C- Drama

D- Talk Show

E-Reality Show

F- Brands/Business

G- Food/Technology/Health


I- Kiddies/Youths

21. Best Community Access programme  (This is for programmes broadcast on Community Access licensed stations only and reflect the value of community access broadcasting to their communities of interest. These communities may include cultural, ethnic and social minorities, special needs and special interest groups within the Nigerian society. Programmes should be by, for and about the target community.




22– Best Coverage of a Live Event (TV Only)


This category is for coverage of a scheduled live event.  Typical examples might include a music concert, a state occasion or a sporting event.

23- Best Community Programming (Radio only)

This category is for any social action initiative, campaign, programme or series that has been used to engage the listening public in a positive, community-focused way.

 24– Best Use of Branded Content (Radio and TV)

This category is designed to recognize excellence in paid-for promotional, sponsored or brand funded programme.

25– Best Promotional Campaign (TV only)

This category is designed to recognize creative excellence in either a single execution or campaign of promos/trailers/commercials that promote a product or programming, either on behalf of a third party client or a station, or by a single or series of live links achieving the same end.

 26- Best Station Imaging (Radio and TV)

This category is designed to recognise excellence in the creation of an overall ‘sound’ for a station or network. To reward creative and effective use of production tools such as liners, jingles, promos and trailers, in establishing and promoting a distinctive on-air station/network identity.

27. Radio program of the Year (Criteria: It has to be live, good concept and huge listenership)

A- Sports

B- Talk Show/ Comedy

i-                    Breakfast

ii-                  Lunch

iii-                Evening/Midnight


28. Most Popular In-House D.J (Criteria: must be with a radio or TV station, skillful and consistent)




29. Outstanding TV presenter (Criteria: Must be a host of syndicated programmes or programme running on satellite/digital TV Channels, composure, followership and style)


A- Entertainment/Talk Show




B- Sports



30– Best Sports analyst/commentator


31- Outstanding Radio Presenter (Criteria: Creativity, voice and followership)

A-Entertainment/Talk Shows/Comedy



i-                    I: Male

ii-                  Ii: Female

2-Lunch hour

I: Male

Ii: Female

3-Evening Ride /Midnight

I: Male

ii: Female



I: Male

Ii: Female



i: Male

ii: Female



i: Male



B- Sports





32- Presenter Extraordinaire (This category is strictly for physically challenged broadcasters/OAP/Presenter/producer


33. Sexiest On-Air Personality (Criteria: Good body frame, fashion sense, carriage and diction)




34. Actor/Actress of the Year (The actor/actress would be in a soap opera or two on screen with large fan base as well)


35. Backroom Team of the Year TV (This category welcomes nominees from TV Stations in Sport  News, Entertainment and other informative programmes).


a- Cameraman of the Year

b- Producer of the Year


36.  African TV Presenter of the Year (This category welcomes nomination of presenters across the globe with programmes on satellite channels, they could come from any part of the country within Africa)


37. Indigenous TV Channel of the Year (This Category welcomes nomination of indigenous channels on digital stations and with large followership strictly indigenous programmes).

38- Humanitarian Award– (This category is strictly for Broadcaster/ OAP/  presenter with self-financed TV/Radio   programme, NGO, event etc that has great influence on people’s life)







3-    SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARDS (Veteran Broadcasters, Artistes, Content providers, corporate/ Individual/Government organizations etc)


Terms and Conditions


1. Nominees are allowed to contest (in a category) only once every three years – the reason why some popular names are missing on this year’s list of nominees. Many of them have won previously in the recent past. It is our hope that this will inspire others to strive for perfection, and therefore recognition.

2. Due to the likely introduction of an SMS Short code system for voting (Still pending) votes will take the lion’s share of 60 per cent, while research, survey and agency reports are responsible for 40 per cent of the final result.

3. However, in the special Listeners and Viewers choice categories, votes will take the sole responsibility for 100 per cent of the total tally.

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