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Man ‘has sex with dog to get revenge on wife for giving it too much attention’

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A man allegedly had sex with his wife’s dog because he was jealous her giving it too much attention.

Jonathan Edward Medley, of Geneva, Alabama has been charged with animal cruelty, according to police, who say that he felt that his wife was spurning him in favour of Buster the Shih Tzu.

Geneva Police Captain Ricky Morgan said that the 39-year-old was “mad at his wife because she paid more attention to the dog than him so he had sex with the dog“.

According to the New York Daily News: “[His wife] actually thought he was having an affair with another woman and hid a recording device.

“She learned he was in fact molesting the dog.”

Although the two-year-old pup sustained injuries from the cruelty, vets say he’ll make a full recovery.

Medley’s bail was $535 – about £340 – and police have charged him with the “misdemeanor” – or petty crime – of animal cruelty.

Shih Tzus are toy dog breeds which can weigh around a stone and measure 10.5in tall.

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