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Lost But Found… By Olashubomi Writes

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About The Book…….
Lost But Found is a simple tale about two siblings who lost their precious mother and faced so many difficulties with the presence of their step mother. Their step mother makes life unbearable for them and eradicates anyone that tries to interfere in her wicked actions. Their step mother murdered their father just to acquire all his properties. This made life more difficult for the kids as the older sibling ran away from home. He stayed in the ghetto for  some period of time with bad gangs… Will he join? How wouldl he get himself out of that place ? What is the fate of his younger sister?? Won’t the step mother reap from what she has sown ?
 Why don’t you just wipe your face to read this interesting and captivating story.
 This story is written to help and converse with children and young youth around the difficult topic of losing their loved ones and how to cope and weave a good thing out of it .

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