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It is my pleasure being here today and I’m humbled and honoured being here to address you.

Although,  I have been involved in the past editions of this programme though, behind the scene, it is my maiden appearance as the Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly.

Before going further, permit me to express my gratitude to members of the Lagos House of Assembly Correspondents Association (LAHACA) for the wonderful job they have been doing before and after my assumption of office. It is worthy to note that LAHACA members have been wonderful in their support, cooperation for us through prompt publication and report of our activities and to this, I remain ever grateful. However, like Oliver Twist, we will continue to ask for more from you. There are always rooms for improvement in anything we do.

On our part, we will continue to put in place measures that will improve the professional practice of LAHACA members, one of which we are doing here today. My doors are always and will always remain open for members to channel their advice, complaints and grievances and I assure you that we will always strive to assist you in your profession.

I also want to commend the organisers of this event for the theme of the programme. It is an open secret that the advent of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has brought the world under one global computerized village. The world is now computerised and the survival or otherwise of any professional or profession depends on tje knowledge and operation of the computer anchored on ICT applications.

The journalism profession has continued to grow and I’m delighted that the profession has quickly adapted itself to the growing world of ICT. The digital age has come to stay and we will be doing ourselves good by adapting our operations and practices to its guidelines. That is why the theme of this workshop is highly commended and the Lagos State House of Assembly remain ever committed to putting in place programmes such as this to enhance the practice of journalism.

The advent of the social media has unfortunately brought about a new set of unscrupulous journalists who hide under the cover of the social media to publish false stories and even use such stories to extort money from people.

As professionals in this noble field, it is our duty to remain vigilant and expose those who through their greed for money, will want to tarnish the image of this profession and its practitioners.

It is an obvious fact that every profession has its own share of bad eggs and the journalism profession is not an exception. However, we will not only do our profession but also the entire world, the whole lots of good by exposing these bad eggs whose desire is to tarnish the image of the pen-pushing profession and its practitioners.

We will continue to provide an enabling atmosphere for you to practise your profession.

I assure you that we will not relent in assisting through organisation of training programmes like this just as we will always be ready to help in weeding out the bad eggs from the profession. However, we will continue to seek for your cooperation and support all the time.

This is a training programme with facilitators and resource persons on ground to do their job, hence I would not bore you much with a long speech.

Once I again, I want to thank you all for listening and I wish you all a happy deliberation during the workshop.

Thank you all for listening.

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