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International Youth Day: The Elevation Church Demands Enabling Environment For Innovation

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In commemoration of the 2021 International Youth Day, frontline non-denominational Christian assembly, The Elevation Church (TEC), has advocated for a more intentional approach in ensuring youth access and inclusion, poverty eradication, creating safe spaces for youth development, and an enabling environment for youth innovation to thrive.

According to Godman Akinlabi, Lead Pastor at The Elevation Church, a nation is only as great as the quality of her collective citizenry, not just the quantity.

Nigerian youth are found in every field worthy of mention, investing themselves in their endeavours, pushing beyond seemingly restrictive official policies, and other real or perceived difficulties that have arisen from an overall negative profiling of the typical Nigerian at home and abroad.

“Nigerian Youth, you are our shining light and great hope for a future that we can be proud of,” said Akinlabi, “the brilliant and ingenious efforts invested by our dexterous Nigerian youth into their craft and passion, have brought honour and global reckon to Nigeria, despite the notoriety of a few others.”

The Elevation Church’s youth expression – Lifepointe Church – is a platform to help Nigerian youth find connection, expression, and relevance. The Elevation Church has also consistently championed the call for the voice and talents of Nigerian youth to be heard in the highest of relevant circles. This is evident in how the church has deliberately created employment and volunteer opportunities for the youth, through her periodic Career Fair events which connect youths with corporate organizations and SMEs who seek Nigerian youths for employment and volunteer roles, giving them the platform to air their ideas and the structure to implement the ideas.

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