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Diamond Bank’s CEO named Best Digital Banker of the Year

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Uzoma Dozie, Diamond Bank Plc’s CEO has been nominated the Best Digital Banker of the Year. The Award, given by the American Banker, Bank Technology News, is in recognition of the Bank’s high value addition to mobile banking and for leading the digital revolution in providing efficient and cost-effective services in the financial industry using the mobile phone.
A message from the American Banker, stated that the nomination is a testament of Uzoma’s increasing leading role in driving the development and digitization of the financial industry by “creating apps and sites that are engaging, relevant and personalized”.
Working with a team with high digital focus, Uzoma has stamped Diamond Bank as the leading bank with the most digital innovations in Nigeria. Diamond Bank is the first bank in Africa to launch the fingerprint recognition feature on its Diamond Mobile App, a fingerprint reader that allows users of the Mobile App an easy and seamless login to their accounts by simply recognizing and identifying their individual fingerprints – a technology very few banks in the world have adopted and implemented. The Bank is also the first to introduce the Magic Cash, an app that works with the mobile phone; it is a no-cheque, no-withdrawal slip and no-debit card financial transaction that gives customers easy access to draw cash from any of the bank’s ATMs anytime.
The bank also is the first to introduce the Diamond Y’ello account, in partnership with the mobile telecommunications giant, MTN. It is a fully mobile hybrid account that offers the over 55 million subscribers on MTN Nigeria network a fusion of financial services and telecoms incentives.
The Bank also released an updated version of its Diamond Bank mobile app for iOS, Android, and Blackberry. The app supports bill payments, bank transactions, and even helps purchase movie and airline tickets.
Other nominees include Citigroups Heather Cox for championing application programming interfaces; the CEO of USAA for introducing voice activated banking; Jamie Armistead of Bank of the West for Design-first mentality and Tom Ormseth, CEO of Wintrust Financial for championing cardless cash, real time transactions.

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