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CMB Building Maintenance And Investment Ltd Responds to Smear Campaign
“We Wont Celebrate Our Detractors”

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Our attention has been drawn to a calculated attempt to smear the image of CMB Building Maintenance & Investment Company Limited and some of its hard working staff via a reckless message purportedly concocted by a somnambulist.
Ordinarily, we wouldn’t have joined issues with the baseless and laughable text message aimed at misleading the general public and maligning the hard-earned reputation of an award winning organization, but the need to set the record straight and put a peg to the popular say that, silent means consent thus informed this.
In the face of the recent developments, we have since handed the issue to relevant authorities including our lawyers for proper redress, this; we agreed is one of the hazards of been in business and be a leader-apology to the various satanic letters plaguing our nation.
Besides, no organization strives without challenges since members of staff hail from diverse cultures just like couples experience turbulence in marriages, we don’t celebrate issues that are meant to die natural death, thus giving credence to our pay-off line, “start with us, end with yours.
CMB Building Maintenance & Investment Company Ltd., is an all encompassing estate development firm with branches all over the country and beyond and the company’s ability to restructure in order to tackle specific challenges as well as its attention to details in all its development projects set it above its contemporaries.
The award winning estate firm which has been in business for well over a decade has grown steadily in the real estate industry with successful landmark projects and over 250 employees to its credit.
We hope this clears the air and brings an end to the uncoordinated plots to slander the reputation of an organization which is struggling hard to meet its millennium goal of one-man-one-house by the year 2020.

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