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Chelsea Star, Mikel Obi Has Two Secret Children From Two Women!

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Chelsea star, John Obi Mikel, has fathered two secret lovechildren with different women, The Sun on Sunday has revealed.

The Chelsea midfielder, 28, has a four-year-old son, who was born after he had a brief fling with the lad’s mum.

He also has a one-year-old daughter by a woman he met in a nightclub two years ago.

The Super Eagles star, whose team were beaten at home by Crystal Palace on Saturday, is now dating Russian businesswoman, Olga Diyachenko, and has posted online photographs of the pair together.

John Obi Mikel (left) and his current girlfriend, Olga Diyachenko
John Obi Mikel and his current girlfriend, Olga Diyachenko

The footballer — paid about £80,000 a week — is not named on his son’s birth certificate, but bought a house in the Home Counties where the boy lives with his mother.

Mikel paid more than £500,000 for the detached property in 2013.

He is said to have expressed a desire to play a part in the boy’s life — even though he at first refused to believe he was the dad.

However, Mikel is not believed to see his baby daughter, who lives with her 23-year-old mother in the South of England.
Both women are supported financially by the player, but it is not thought they know about each other.

A source revealed Mikel, a role model to legions of fans of Chelsea and Nigeria, did not believe the boy was his when first told by his mum.

The source said: “They met ages ago when John invited her — and a friend, I think — to an after-party after some London celebrity event.
“She got together with John briefly and ended up pregnant.

“She got in touch with John and told him about it, but he initially refused to accept or believe the baby was his. His name was not on the birth certificate.

“After the baby was born there were some negotiations about it. He then agreed to pay her a decent amount of money. She was allocated money to buy a house.”

The mum moved to the Home Counties after the property purchase. Our source added: “John also agreed to give her tens of thousands a year in upkeep and, I think, agreed to give her a new car every three to five years.

“He said he wanted to play a role in the boy’s life. He and the mum are on friendly terms and she doesn’t harbour any bad feelings towards him, perhaps because he’s looked after her so well.

“When you think about it, it is not that surprising John has not moved away from Chelsea.

“I have read things about him going, possibly abroad, but the people saying that might happen would not know that he has a son and a daughter in the UK.”

When his son was two, Mikel had a short relationship with the mother of his daughter after apparently meeting her at a nightclub in London during 2013.
The girl was born last year, but again Mikel’s name did not appear on her birth certificate.

A friend of the tot’s mother said: “John has provided for her and the girl, but does not seem to want to be involved with the child.

“She is not from a well-off family and does not now earn much, but she drives around in a new car. “She seems to have come into money since having the baby and is keeping a low profile.”

Mikel, a huge name in his native Nigeria, has spoken previously about his love life and about how difficult it is to find a wife and the importance of his family at home.

Recent photos show him with Olga in his car, while there are also pictures of his two rottweiler dogs Troy and Diva. He is also seen relaxing in his swimming pool and sitting at a kitchen table.

Talking to journalists in Nigeria last October, he said: “I’ve been dating seriously for two years now, I’m in love. I’ve found love.”
However he has denied being engaged to Olga and vowed to reveal if he popped the question.

Mikel, who has a lavish home in Oxshott, Surrey, said: “She is my girlfriend but I have not proposed to her. If that happens it will not be hidden and everyone will know.”

Talking of how jealous women had attacked Olga on social media, he added: “I’m begging Nigerian girls to please leave her alone.”

The star, left on the bench by Chelsea boss José Mourinho for Saturday’s defeat, has played more than 300 times for the Blues since joining the champions in 2006.

In an interview for Chelsea TV, he spoke about the importance of family. Mikel, whose father, Michael, was kidnapped then freed in August 2011, said: “Never forget where you’re from. I spend lots of time with my family.

“Every time I go back I spend lots of time with them (friends) and spend lots of time with my family.”
Talking about growing up, he added: “When you start growing up you start to think what’s really important to me and my family.”

He added about his father’s ordeal: “My dad being kidnapped was terrible, that was the hardest. My mum was on the phone crying, my brother was crying — I had to be the strong one.”

In an interview last month the player said he wanted to stay at Chelsea because the club felt “like my family”.

A spokesman for the footballer said of the lovechildren: “This is an entirely private matter. John provides for and cares for his children and will continue to do so. He asks that their privacy be respected.”

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